Sunday Service

The Dharma Center is now open for the 10 am Sunday service.  Please join us!  You must register to ensure no more than 8 persons in attendance. 

Reserve your space by clicking on:

Select the next Sunday in the calendar and register; you will get a confirmation email.  All distancing and mask guidelines must be adhered to throughout the service.  

Outdoor Meditation

Outdoor meditation sessions are being held at the shelter in Lindner Park.  Click on the link for information on the park and directions.

 They will be held every Tuesday from 6 - 7:15 pm, rain or shine.  NOTE THE EARLIER TIME beginning Sept 8.  We will likely meet at 6pm Tuesday til the end of September and then perhaps go to meeting on Saturday. You don't need to register, but if there are more than 8-10 people, you may be a bit far away from the group.  Though we will honor distancing directives, we ask that you wear a mask.  There are picnic tables in the shelter, but bring a chair or cushion if you prefer.  The session will begin with a 30 minute meditation, followed by contemplative and reflective reading, interspersed with periods of silence.  The session will end with a metta prayer.  Venue and program open to change as we explore this new way of meeting.


Next All-Sangha Meeting on Zoom will be held Thursday, September 17 at 7pm. 

Stay Connected!  May all be well.